Unit and Integration Testing Framework

If you have no knowledge of C#, well you do not need any knowledge of C# to use the OlapPartitionManager. So simply hit the back button and go read something less frightening! This page is for those geeks like me that want to know :-)

A full suite of unit tests and integration tests have been developed to ensure the quality of the C# source code in the OlapPartitionManager. This means that you can rest assured that when you put the OlapPartitionManager onto your production server it will work as intended and do exactly as documented: manage your OLAP partitions!

The unit tests have been written with FluentAssertions and Moq under the XUnit.net test framework which are all available from Nuget.

The integration tests use the same libraries and actually use C# to deploy a temporary copy of the AdventureWorks cube for the code to run against.

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